Here are just a few pix from the northern part of my trip though the USA and Canada over the past few weeks.

I’m in Mississippi right now and will post some more pix from my trip down the Mississippi River over the next few days.

The ferry from Vancouver to Victoria
The ferry from Vancouver to Victoria

Tomorrow I’m driving 40 or so miles up to Clarksdale to talk with John Ruskey from the Quapaw Canoe Company – who guided me down the river last week for four great days – and with Roger Stolle from Cathead Music.

Both have done a lot – along with many others – to drag Clarksdale back from the kind of financial and social disaster that has afflicted too many Mississippi Delta cities and towns.

Anyway, here are some pix from Canada – firstly of some signs outside the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria that I’m still trying to work out of they are public art, serious signs or attempts at a grammar quiz:



This is a shot of the reflection from the windows on the western wall of my hotel in Vancouver onto the building next door…I like the fact that it changed colour and intensity as the sun fell…

Holiday Inn reflection

The next two shots are from two large carved poles outside of the First People’s House in the grounds of the University of Victoria at which we attended a wonderful ceremony at the close of the Society of Ethnobiology conference.

Carved Hand

Carved Head

This photo gives some idea of the scale of these magnificent carvings and the wonderful woodwork used in the First People’s House.

Exterior 1st nations hall

After Victoria I spent the next week at the International Society of Ethnobiology’s conference five hours drive away in the small and rather ramshackle surfing (in summer) and storm-watching (in winter) resort town of Tofino on Vancouver Island’s Pacific coast.

Here is a shot of a small island a few hundred metres away from the conference venue at the First People’s-owned and operated Tin Wis Resort.

Tin Wis island

And here are a few signs and statements that I found wandering ’round the streets of east Vancouver one day…

Cafe door sign

Loneliness sign

And perhaps a message for us all…

Never finish sign