"Stripe" aka "Buckley" at Yuendumu
"Stripe" aka "Buckley" at Yuendumu. Picture by Gloria Morales

This is “Stripe“, who ended up with Gloria Morales, an animal carer that works at the Warlukurlangu Artists cooperative in Yuendumu – a remote community about 300 kilometres north-west 0f Alice Springs.

Stripe started his life at the even more remote small township of Nyirripi – a further 160 kilometres to the west of Yuendumu.

This picture of Stripe was taken after a week of “fattening-up” – by all accounts he was a sick and scrawny fellow when he was first brought into care and this picture shows that his coat is looking better and he has a full stomach – and most likely is looking for some more food! Stripe was one of the lucky ones – he was one of a litter of 9 puppies of which 2 died because they were too sick.

Stripe sqaure  6512And here is Stripe – now known as “Buckley” a few weeks later after he’d passed through his rehabilitation and had traveled down to Sydney into the capable hands of the people at PAWS in Sydney who are quickly becoming experts at rehousing camp-dogs from Yuendumu and other remote communities. Buckley made the long trip from Sydney across the country to his new home on the west coast.

Buckley’s new owners sent this note through to the people at PAWS:

“My partner and I adopted “Stripe” from Sandra and Gloria, he is one of the “Desert Dogs”, he arrived at our home in Karratha, WA last Friday. We just wanted to send through a photo for you to show you how he was doing. He has since been renamed “Buckley” (in honour of Collingwood) and is settling in to his new home perfectly, even the cat is playing with him! We cannot thank Sandra and Gloria enough for everything they did to help. Buckley arrived safe and well to us. He is such a happy little pup and loves following us around the yard. He came on holidays to Broome with us last week and loved having a swim and a play on Cable Beach. Again thankyou for everything your organisation has done in helping us adopt this wonderful little pup!”

If you want to find out more about Desert Dogs – or are interested in adopting one of these gorgeous hounds – have a look at the selection at the Desert Dogs page at the PAWS website.

Go on, you want one – you know you do!