Womens Time Trial winner Emma Pooley of Great Britain
Women's Time Trial winner Emma Pooley of Great Britain

I spent most of yesterday afternoon taking some pictures at a wonderful bayside  park in Eastern Geelong. Sun and a firm breeze on my face (well occasionally), rain in my hair (likewise) and a passing parade of the fastest women on the planet.

What red-blooded man could ask for more?

What got me out there in the wind and the rain was the running of the 2010 Women’s Elite Time Trial roadrace, just one part of this year’s UCI 2010 World Chaompionships at Geelong, which started yesterday.

This Wikipedia page describes the particular efforts required in this most technical form of road cycling

To do well in an ITT, a cyclist must

* maintain a steady power output for long periods

* maintain a controlled heart rate for long periods

* have a smooth, regular pedalling technique

* position him or herself to be extremely aerodynamic

* discipline him or herself to operate just below the anaerobic threshold until near the end of the course.

Emma Pooley won the race and is the first British rider to win the women’s world time trial at the 2010 UCI Road World Championships on Wednesday. Emma won a silver medal in the time trial at the 2008 Olympics and yesterday’s win was an early present for her 28th birthday on Sunday next.

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Judith Arndt of the German Democratic Republic came second
Judith Arndt of the German Democratic Republic came second

The blurb about Judith at Highroad Sports.com says that:

Judith is known in the women’s peloton as one of the best and most consistent female riders in the world. A former track rider, Judith made the change to road cycling in 2001 and since then has not looked back. 2008 was a remarkable year for her. She is 18 time German Champion at events ranging from the pursuit on the track to the road race, former World Champion in both the pursuit and the road race and Olympic medalist on both track and road.

You can see more about Judith’s remarkable career at her Wikipedia page here.

Third place went to Linda Melanie Villumseni of New Zealand
Third place went to Linda Melanie Villumsen of New Zealand

Linda Melanie Villumsen is a Danish-born road racing cyclist who yesterday repeated her third placing in the 2009  Women’s Time Trial at the World Championships in Mendriso.

Linda took New Zealand citizenship in 2009 and rides under a Kiwi license from 2010 on. You can read more about Linda here.

Amber Neben of the US team grabbed fourth place
Amber Neben of the USA team grabbed fourth place

I ran into Amber while she was out training on the weekend – see her pix in the previous post here.

After yesterday’s race Amber posted the following on Twitter (@amberneben):

Ended up 4th in the TT. Tough place to be, but considering what I’ve been thru the last 14mo, I am positive. Congrats to Emma, Lin, & Arndt.

Amber won the UCI world time trial championship in 2008 and the U.S. national road race championship in 2003.

Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli of France came in fifth
Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli of France came in fifth

Earlier today a friend tweeted that he was sorry to have missed seeing 51 year old Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli ride today. After seeing her race today I I know what he means.

The Wikipedia page dedicated to her eminent sporting career says that Jeannie is:

…a French racing cyclist, multiple (57 times) French and world champion. Longo is still active in cycling as of 2010 and is widely considered one of the greatest female cyclists of all time. She is famous for her competitive nature and her longevity in a sport where some of her competitors were not yet born during her first Olympic competition in 1984. She was selected to compete for France in the 2008 Olympics, her seventh Olympic Games.

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Evelyn Stevens of the USA came sixth
Evelyn Stevens of the USA came sixth

I can’t find out too much about Evelyn other than that she is an American, is the current US Time Trial champion, and rides for Team HTC-Columbia.

You can learn more for yourself by watching this video.

Tara Whitten of Canada got seventh place
Tara Whitten of Canada got seventh place

Tara was another that I got some good shots of yesterday one of which you can see here.

From the Female Muscle page comes the following:

Tara Whitten, 29-years-old, can generally be found in two states of dress: a lab coat or cycling gear. She is a PhD student studying electrophysiology of the hippocampus. I didn’t know what that was either, but apparently it deals with how different areas of the brain communicate with each other. Tara wasn’t always a cyclist, she is a former cross country skier who always had Olympic dreams. She switched sports three years ago when her skiing career was no longer progressing. The switch was a good one.

Fastest Australian on the day was eighth placed Shara Gillow
Fastest Australian on the day was eighth placed Shara Gillow

Shara Gillow was the best placed of the three Australian riders in finishing one minute 13.18 seconds behind the winner in eighth place.

In August this year Shara finished 16th in the Giro Donne, one of the biggest tours in women’s cycling. Shara finished third in the Young Riders classification of the Giro Donne.

Sweden's Emilia Fahlin took ninth place
Sweden's Emilia Fahlin took ninth place

From the Team HTC-Columbia homepage comes the following:

Emilia was brought onto the Team HTC-Columbia team in ’07 as a development rider after she showed some definite talent as a junior. She is developing into a world class sprinter and showed off her sprinting ability in the Amgen Tour of California Criterium where she beat a strong field to win her first race for 2009. Emilia is the current Swedish National Time Trial Champion, and was the Swedish National Road Champion in 2008.

You can join 1,900 other fans of Emilia at Facebook here, and see Emilia’s very interesting (but in need of an update!) blog “Fallin for Fallin” (geddit?) here.

Tatiana Guderzol of Italy took tenth place
Tatiana Guderzo of Italy took tenth place

From a site called “Daylife” comes the following information.

Last year Tatiana Guderzo won:

…the women’s road race at the UCI cycling road World Championships on September 26, 2009 in Mendrisio, south of Switzerland. Guderzo made up for several near misses at world and Olympic level by winning the women’s road race crown at the world cycling championships.