On Monday this week someone going by the screen name of Dhakir Mukarram posted this note on Facebook:


Dhakir – if that is his real name and if he exists at all (I’m not alone in having my doubts about that) is apparently a student living in Cairns that studies at James Cook University. Somehow the Dhakir’s post made it onto the page of the “Australian Cars” Facebook site where, for a site dedicated to  Australia’s ugliest cars – it went the local version of viral.

By the time I caught up with it late Wednesday it had attracted over 5,000 ‘likes’ (whatever that means in the weird world of Facebook) and over 1,500 comments.

Here is a selection of the comments that Dhakir’s re-posted thoughts attracted at the Australian Cars website.

Two further matters from me.

If you are offended by intemperate language get out now.

Secondly, I have no way of checking if the names below are real or not. I’ve cut and pasted the words as they appear on the Australian Cars site..

The first comment from Mitch – apparently the administrator/moderator of Australian Cars – set the tone for what was to follow.

Fucking cockhead, I’m so pissed I didn’t even blank out his name. Go back to your own country you curry cruncher – Mitch.

Here are a few of the more “choice” comments – I was particularly drawn to comments by people with pictures of cute babies, cats or dogs on their site and those who tell us where they live and who they are employed by.

Vanessa is a Packaging Specialist at a wine company.

“If they aren’t Australian and don’t respect our traditions like we have to when we go to their countries, they should fuck off. Dirty fucking curry munchers!”

Kev had a double-dip.

I love how they get offended by EVERYTHING. I feel like painting the flag on my 4×4 and tying a pig carcass to the bullbar and sitting in front of mosque drinkin beer with my mates, see how offended they are then.

Followed by.

FUCK YOU, YOU FILTHY MUZZMUT. It’s AUSTRALIA DAY, always has been and always will be, you got NO rite trying to change things in OUR country, if you don’t like it, simple FUCK OFF back to the shit hole you came from, i?ll even help ya pack AND pay for you one way ticket home.

Mick is an apprentice at Bundaberg in Queensland.

Ya don’t go to some cunts house and change the numbers on the mailbox n start moving their furniture around to suit how you like things… So don’t do it to our fuckin country, my family dates back to the convicts here in australia and all my life its been AUSTRALIA DAY! And so it shall remain to any true blue, fair dinkum aussie… If you don’t like what our countries national day is called theres always a quick ride home to fuck off where ya came from n celebrate whateva fuckin holiday you have back home!! FUCK OFF CUNTS!! It will never be citizens day, I will call it Australia Day till the day I fuckin die… So will anyone who truly loves this country its pastimes, attributes n unforgiving love for the SUNBURNT COUNTRY!!! Aussie Aussie Aussie

Courtney works in an early learning centre and lives in central New South wales.

Fuck off to your own country cunt your all fucking wankers ..AUSTRALIA DAY .. Don’t like it fuck off

Apart from the illiterate and the hateful a number of comments contained threats of violence towards Dhakir.

In another life Phillip was in the Australian Army, studied at Charles Sturt University and lives at Jervis Bay.

Any members up in Cairns who would like to have a chat with sunshine here? Easy to find just go to the Uni.

Phillip from north Queensland notes that …

This cunt lives in cairns n so Fo all my mates, he won’t b walkin freely cause ima post it everywhere so he gets fuked up

Followed by.

Any of ma cairns boys find this cunt n feed him 2 the crocs

Xavier works at a hospital, lives in Brisbane, Queensland and is originally from Corowa, New South Wales.

I only wish I lived in cairns, so I could find this curry eating cunt!!! And bash him back to India. I might even make a trip up there for me holidays.. You dirty yellow cunt, I hate you cunts even more NOW!!!!!

Chris made an offer too easy to refuse.

Anyone want to chip in and get me a plane ticket to cairns so i can punch this cunt

 Thankfully there was the odd word of caution – and the first few tips that this mob had been well and truly pawned.

Leon warned posters to …

Be careful with the words you choose to use remember bad things happen to bad people just saying!

Abhi tipped the nod that intemperate, racists and just plain dumb comments may attract the attention of current – and future – employers.

Let’s not forget, if it’s not too much of a stretch, if you’re applying for a job at a big company. These days they do facebook checks on applicants to see their demeanor and get a general feel for their personality. Or lack there of in your cases.

Blake reckoned the whole stream was a setup.

Is there any way we can get through to these people that it was a hoax? It seems the stupid racist ones just shout their opinion and leave before heading what anyone else says. Much like in person.

Mo Fkn Mayhem pointed out that:

… silly people, you’ve been trolled.

And pointed to the Hoax Slayer site, where the Australia Day Name Change Hoax Targets Prime Minister Gillard page reports that.

Rumours are again spreading via social media posts that the Australian Government is about to change the name of Australia Day to “Citizens Day” so as not to offend migrant or minority groups.

Such rumours have resurfaced regularly in recent years, and tend to gain momentum as Australia Day – 26th January – draws near.

The rumours have even spawned various Facebook pages calling for a reversal of the decision. The current crop of such messages are especially vitriolic and claim that it is current Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard who is orchestrating the proposed name change.The claims in the messages are utter nonsense.

The Gillard government is not about to change the name of Australia Day to “Citizens Day” or anything else. Nor have any future plans for such a change been announced. The claims in these messages are outright lies. The posts are derived from earlier – and equally false – messages that began circulating in 2009 and predate Gillard’s prime ministership.

Despite Mo Fkn Mayhem’s repeated posting of his “you’ve been pwned big time” links the comments kept coming.

Until someone reported the stream to Facebook central and the eventually banned further comments on the thread post down – for thirty days.

The outrage at the Australian Cars site to this slight was predictable. But it seems that Mitch already had a work-around

30 Day ban on posting content because someone reported our picture yesterday… Sweet! NOT! Don’t worry Guy’s, got this back-up account to do business on. – Mitch.

Geoff got picked up by Facebook as well.

Yeah some arse wipe decided to report me for suspicious activity, like wtf is that ,lol,,,I did some security checks and sorted it out ,

Mitch responded to queries about the offending post and his apparent justification for the thread.

Ahh the post i made when i was talking about the Aussie language, how we’re all a tinge racist and i love this country and if other don’t like it they can get stuffed. Unfortunately some don’t see it that way. Will get back to the cars now.

That’s what i thought Scotty but obviously Facebook don’t see it that way, This is a Free-Country is it not? It’s a democracy. We’re aloud to have opinions but if they’re any different from society, we get singled out and punished. Political Correctness is a Joke.

West Side Lowriders hinted that the Facebook 30 day ban was quickly resolved.

Don’t worry mate we reposted in bout ten pages already

Cameron Roosenburg issued this warning about boasting about the shift of the page and threads.

Don’t tell every one you got a ban and your using your backup acc, keep it on the down low because now if the person(s) may report the page over the silliest thing to get even.

But even that wise advice couldn’t stop the “free and frank” exchange of ideas and opinions.

This from Kylie who …

… went off at 2 in the lift today dirty stinkin mutts in 35oC heat no deodorant fkn ewww speakin there wog shit looking at my 14yo daughter dirty fks

That is all I have – or can stand – for now.

Please feel free to post your thoughts – hopefully more reasoned than those above – about these matters here.

If you have any tips about where the Australian Cars post may have moved to let me know.