Willem Rudolf Westra van Holthe is still – despite this afternoon’s extraordinary coup that saw Adam Giles and Dave Tollner installed – finally – as NT Chief Minister and Deputy respectively – the Deputy Chief Minister of the Northern Territory.

At least until the appropriate administrative arrangements can be put in place. As van Holthe pointed out in this media release earlier today:

… the following administrative arrangements remain in place.Until the return of Mr Mills from overseas, Willem Westra van Holthe will remain the Acting Chief Minister. It is expected that Terry Mills will arrive in Darwin tomorrow and arrangements will be made for the transition of leadership.

That statement clarifies the administrative arrangements following the earlier statement by deposed Chief Minister Terry Mills:

“It has become apparent to me today that without the support of my colleagues I am unable to continue to lead the Northern Territory Government. “As a result I will step aside as Chief Minister, effective immediately.

“I will continue to do what I believe will be right for the Territory and the people of Blain.”

With regard to that last commitment it is widely understood that as soon as he decently can Mills will make tracks for Perth, where he has strong family connections.

But with the way the CLP is at the moment I wouldn’t be surprised if in the few hours until Terry Mills lands in Darwin at about 2.30 tomorrow afternoon that someone (who is your guess as much as mine) had another stab at leadership and tried on a counter-coup.

Or maybe not.