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May 26, 2013

An open letter to Bess Price MLA

An open letter to Member for Stuart in the Northern Territory Parliament Bess Price from self-described unionist, feminist and ranter Celeste Liddle in response to comments made by Bess Price in an adjournment speech earlier this month.

Bob Gosford — Likes birds and people, not necessarily in that order.

Bob Gosford

Likes birds and people, not necessarily in that order.

This is a guest post from Celeste Liddle that presents an edited (for length) version of her open letter to Member of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly Bess Price following Ms Price's comments during an Adjournment Debate in the Northern Territory Parliament on 16 May 2013.

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5 thoughts on “An open letter to Bess Price MLA

  1. Hector Lung

    Huh? Since this article was posted over a year has passed and at least two things have happened. The defence of Bess Price has become more hysterical and the entire lack of her making even the slightest “impact” more evident. Bess is the pin up girl for CLP punitive polices aimed at her people.

  2. Eve Hanlon

    Celeste. Just go to the NT and live it. Heritage and opinion have nought to do with anything. Bess cared enough for the situation to enter into politics and get in and do the hard yards and attempt to make a difference.

    As for being an ‘Aboriginal woman’. I think Bess has addressed this as well…investigate your entire heritage, not just the part that’s convenient. Liddle is of Scottish origin I beleive… How do you feel about Scotland’s current call for Independance? It’s as far removed from where you live as the Northern Territory after all.

  3. brett masters

    Celeste seems to think that Bess being ‘fullblood’, being able to speak Walpiri and several other Aboriginal languages, having growing up in and knowledgeable of culture is some sort unfair advantage.Of course, Celeste could always move to the center and live on the former Arrernte lands of which she speaks, learn language and culture and become knowledgeable ( in the way Bess Price is) and experience first hand these things and also experience the problems which Bess Price speaks of.I am sure Bess would be more than happy to help her. But you know… living in Melbourne, an educated professional and all (BUT CERTAINLY NOT MIDDLE CLASS…god forbid)and a staunch trade unionist makes it well… a bit difficult, so I will play silly political games with this very serious issue and view it all through righteous goggles of self-absorbtion that highlight stupid politics but blot out the real, human tragedy which is the point of what Bess Price was saying.Celeste is a ranter, eh? well yes I can see it.. a self-serving, adolescent ranter. Bess Price is an Aboriginal elder to be respected- she “walks the talk” as they say; Celeste could learn from this

  4. Bill McGrath

    “The trade union I work for is currently trying to get domestic violence clauses into collective agreements in universities”

    That’s really getting to the heart of the problem, isn’t it?

    I see where Bess Price is coming from. Not a single practical solution here. Nothing but self-congratulatory blather.

  5. Hector Lung

    I wonder whether Mrs Price will reply in the short term. Reading Mrs Price’s speech it is apparent she did her homework, lining up a number of targets many of whom had made comments many moons ago, and then used Coward’s Castle to deliver her responses. It appears speedy responses are not her go. Hopefully Mrs Price now has her plate clean and can now get on with actually providing some solutions born of her wisdom. Her occupation of the high moral ground is conceded. Now for some action. Or will that be left to CLP machinations?

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