Larrimah is a small town (population 11 and dwindling) a couple of hundred kilometres south of Katherine in the Northern Territory.

Like any good Englishman (I have dual Australian & UK passports) I am in despair at the performance of the current English cricket team in this latest Ashes series.

But – and this is a very big if – I may have found a ground where the English may be able to improve on their disastrous summer.

The Larrimah cricket ground is on the list of grounds that the Katherine District Cricket Association uses from time to time in an area that runs from Maningrida in central Arnhem land to Robinson River, 800 kilometres to the south-west.

It has obviously been some time since the Larrimah ground has been used but there may be some substantial benefit to my struggling compatriots from both a batting and fielding perspective due to the irruption of the numerous termite mounds that litter the ground.

For a batsman the likelihood of a fielder going ring-up over a termite mound would lend a substantial advantage. For a bowling team there is a strong chance that any well-struck ball destined for the boundary would run into any one or more of the termitaria that provide a couple of hundred extra dumb fieldsmen.

One local told me that it wouldn’t matter if the ground was mowed and the termitaria levelled because there “would be as many of little bastards in a week and just as high.”

Personally I’d love to see the English cricket team playing a game at Larrimah – and perhaps the Barmy Army could adopt the Larrimah Social Cricket Club as an affiliate – at least the Poms might get to win a game …