Bullriders are, for mine, the crazy-brave guys of the rodeo. Bullriding, according to this outline, is perhaps the most dangerous rodeo event:

“It’s not if you get hurt, it’s when,” and nearly every bull rider can attest to the truth of that saying.

As with bareback riding, and saddle bronc, bull riders ride with one hand and cannot touch themselves or their bull with the free hand.

Doing so results in a no score … bull riders use a bullrope and rosin. The bullrope is a thickly braided rope with a cowbell attached.

The cowbell acts as a weight, allowing the rope to safely fall off the bull when the ride is over. The rosin is a sticky substance that increases the grip on their ropes.

Bull riders wrap their bullrope around the bull and use the remainder to wrap around their hand tightly, trying to secure themselves to the bull.

Here are some of the bull-riders I caught at Borroloola last weekend.