Jimmy Wave Hill small Jan 2012

This is a story from Jimmy Wavehill, taken from Every Hill Got a Story, a book of oral histories from Central Australia compiled by the Central Land Council.

I bin working out there all my life at Wave Hill Station, Jinparrak. After our boss he got crippled ankle, he went to Darwin and he sit there for a couple of week.

Then Dexter Daniels, from Roper, run into him in Darwin and Dexter Daniels bin ask question of Vincent Lingiari. ‘How Vestey bin treating all you mob at Wave Hill Station?

We bin work, work, work until Vincent Lingiari came back from Darwin.

Old Vincent, my brother-in-law, get us and have a meeting in camp and Vincent said, ‘I got a good news. Tomorrow we going to walk up to the manager and tell that manager, “We finished from Wave Hill Station, we walk off from Wave Hill Station”’.

Because kartiya [whitefellas] never give us fair go, that’s why we bin walk off from Wave Hill Station.

Then next morning they bin load up and get all the swag and everything and follow the fence line right up to Gordy Creek.

Little bit of water was there, and then we came from there right to Victoria River Downs.

And when we get on that old crossing out there, then a lot of bloke come up and ask us to go back and work on the station, but old Vincent said to them, ‘No, we had enough with all you mob now, we bin working real hard with all you mob, but never get pay. We only bin work for tea, flour and sugar, and sick of tobacco, that’s all.

~ Jimmy Wavehill ~

This article was published in the August 2016 edition of Land Rights News, Central Australia