Like half of the known world–or so it seems–earlier today I watched The Debate on the box in my hotel room in Brisbane. Just after it finished I walked across the river to catch up with my good mate Andrew Stafford for a beer and a feed at the wonderful Pane e Vino cafe at the corner of Charlotte & Albert down the road from my favourite Brisbane bookshop, the wonderful Archives.

I settled into my seat and a fine espresso while Staffo went off for a comfort break. The TV above the bar was switched to the ABC’s news channel 24 and it crossed back and forth between domestic politics and highlights from The Debate.

After a while I noticed that there was something weird about the footage of Australian Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce. Not only was the usual ABC24 captions and crawlers running along the bottom of the screen but overlain that was a rolling transcript.


Rather than showing the ABC24 transcript–and it took me a while to work this out–the feed came from the show over on the ABC’s main channel, which at that time was showing Pointless, a British game show, as revealed here.

Barnaby was not only wondering how they were going to make it through the next month, but beyond to the long winter months.


But Barnaby was working on his social life.


ScoMo was somehow keeping the punters in laughs but it was all good in the end.



But the main show came a little later. Following Pointless the ABC has re-runs of my favourites British cop show, The Bill, it its late-eighties iteration.

The visual cognitive dissonance got really weird once The Bill’s script ran over footage of The Debate.




Things got a little stranger after that offer, but someone called Cath was happy but Hillary reckoned she was at home, unwell.



Matters got a little tense towards the end … but at least we know who got beaten up.