Overnight The Northern Myth’s favourite journal of record from Sicily, Palermo Today, published a piece on last weekend’s show by high fashion gurus Dolce & Gabbana.

Darwin’s own Chips Mackinolty has been taking the most joyful piss out of just about everything and everyone for years and living in Palermo for the past few years hasn’t changed him one jot.

Last year Chips created this wonderful take on high fashion that melds those things closest to the heart of a true Palermitano, i.e food, fashion and an undeniable sense of fun.

Palermo Today covered the Dolce & Gabbana show and couldn’t help running this short note about Mackinolty’s contribution to contemporary Sicilian culture.

Intanto alla Vucciria Chips Mackinolty, street artist australiano, realizza “Dolce & Gamberi”, il dipinto di un abito d’“alta moda” con stampa di cannoli e gamberoni. L’ennesimo omaggio ad una Palermo che, per un lungo weekend, sarà davvero internazionale.


Meanwhile at the Vucciria Chips Mackinolty, Australian street artist, created “Dolce & Gamberi”, a painting of a high fashion dress with cannoli and shrimp prints. Another tribute to a Palermo that, for a long weekend, will be truly international.

For the non-Italian speakers, dolce means sweets, or dessert; gamberi means prawns!

Chips also has a fascination with the “Gabbiani” – the Herring Gulls (Larus argentatus) that are common around downtown Palermo, particularly the old market area of Vucciria where he lives.

Here is a detail grab of Chip’s take on the comfortwear we’d all love to have on a cold Alice Springs morning.

And the full version is here.