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The Northern Myth

Sep 20, 2017

In defence of the Ludmilla, Kulaluk, Nightcliff foreshore: saving Darwin’s secret gardens

"If the take the mangroves, we Saltwater People will have nothing left of our traditional way of life which has been handed down to us by our old people," Joy White, Public Officer, Bagot community, Darwin.

This is a selection of posters made by Therese Ritchie, Darwin-based artist about the people and places of one of Darwin’s best-kept secrets, the coastal and tidal mud flat communities found between Ludmilla, Kullaluk and Nightcliff along Darwin’s northern shoreline.

To see more examples of Therese’s posters or to download a copy for yourself please visit Bill Day’s Facebook page here. You can see more of Theres Ritchie’s work at her personal homepage here.


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