This Word of the Day is from the Kaytetye to English Dictionary, about which I wrote a short piece back when it was released in 2012.

Awelhe n. [Kaytetye]

Soft dirt on the inside edge of a dug-out soakage. You have to wet this dirt to stop it from falling in.

Ngentye apeke nte ngenke elpaye warle wele nyartepe awelhelepe aterrantye aperte; angenke apertame kwere soakage-pe awelhe nyartepe ateyern-alperrantye atnperrarreraninge re.

When you dig a soak in the creek, sometimes the dirt around the top of it starts to cave in. You might keep on digging it and it keeps on caving in.

The Kaytetye to English Dictionary was compiled by Myf Turpin and Alison Ross. The Kaytetye to English dictionary is ideal for both beginners and advanced speakers of Kaytetye, for translators, and for anyone interested in learning more about Aboriginal languages and culture. It is available from IAD Press.


Image: By Lena Pwerle – Soakage. See more at the Mbantua gallery page.