This Word of the Day is another from the Kaytetye to English Dictionary, about which I wrote a short piece back when it was released in 2012.

Nthwenharre n. [Kaytetye]

Small white fluffy clouds that gather together before it rains. Usually seen in winter. Also referred to as mataye nthwenharre.

Arntwe akwerrkepe re etntyaytenke nthwenharrepe rartepe nhartepe re ahenelkarrenke nhartepe re atnthenkelke re arntwepe.

Little clouds gather, they get bigger and better, then it starts raining.

SEE ALSO melperre distant rain clouds, akwelye rain cloud, rlwetnperre rain cloud, inewarre wispy cloud.

The Kaytetye to English Dictionary was compiled by Myf Turpin and Alison Ross. The Kaytetye to English dictionary is ideal for both beginners and advanced speakers of Kaytetye, for translators, and for anyone interested in learning more about Aboriginal languages and culture. It is available from IAD Press.