Earlier today, Scott McConnell— the very well-travelled member of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly for the seat of Stuart—sent through this photo of a burnt-out Hyundai from about 150 kilometres or so south of Tennant Creek in the NT. He took this shot while travelling up to the Tennant to attend a meeting of the Northern Land Council after he spotted this vehicle on fire on the side of the highway after that most notorious of Territory motor vehicle accidents, the ‘single-vehicle rollover.’

Scott told me that he travels somewhere upwards of 80,000 kilometres—much of it on dirt roads —through his massive electorate every year. And for those that like a statistic or two, Stuart is a BIG electorate—while it only has a population of around 5,242 people (2016 figures), it covers 383,859 km2 (148,208.8 square miles).

Scott says that at first he was very worried that the accident had just happened and that there might be people trapped inside the vehicle, but he soon twigged that the crash had happened some time ago. Scott grew up in the bush and was soon able to see that the tracks left by the car had been covered by recent rain and that both the front and rear licence plates had been removed. He reckons that the car may have been set alight just a few minutes before he rolled up.

You can read more about Scott McConnell at his NT Labor bio page.