I spent a few days in Darwin last week and a is my won’t, I spent a bit of time wandering around the CBD—popping into a pub here to catch up with mates, buying some shit that I can’t get in my home-town of Alice Springs there.

In between I popped a few pix of the many empty shops scattered around the small area that is the Darwin CBD. I’ve lived in darwin on-and-off for more than a few years since I staggered off a McCafferty’s bus in the dry-season of 1984 and since then my measure of how busy the town area is was measured against whether you could get a park in Cavanagh Street between Knuckey and Bennet Streets.

For a long time you’d be buggered if you could find a midday park in that busiest of blocks but over the past couple of years I’ve not even need to use my cripple card to get a park. This past week I could’ve fired a shotgun down the block and not caught too many of the stragglers.

Meanwhile I took a number 4 bus out to Casuarina Square shopping centre in the northern ‘burbs. If I’d fired a shotgun in that place I would’ve been done for mass murder. That the money has moved where the masses are is no surprise but while Casuarina and other suburban centres thrive, the CBD shrivels and dies a slow death.

Here are a few of my shots from the empty shops of the Darwin CBD, where retail goes to die.

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