This is a guest post from the Aussie Desert Dogs Facebook page. You can see more of Ben’s amazing adventures—and those of his mates and the very patient humans they live with—at the Aussie Desert Dogs page here.


Ben the Dingo was really over the 3 hour drive from Alice to Yuendumu and pleased to get home yesterday.

Ben is such a gorgeous Dingo and so fun to photograph, however his back story is more important than people might realise.

Initially living in Darwin with a loving family, Ben was one of a large litter.

His family were meticulous with their training of him, however as is common with Dingos and Dingo xbreeds, they found it increasingly difficult to contain him and stop him wandering away from home.

Finally, with great sadness, the family knew they would have to find Ben a more suitable home and begun the difficult task of rehoming him.

Eventually Gloria was contacted and Ben was flown out to live with her in Yuendumu as one of the Aussie Desert Dogs.

Ben keeping watch for stray kangaroos and bullocky

Here in Yuendumu everyone knows Ben. He has the freedom to roam the streets and is frequently a dinner guest at many of the houses around town.

He spends his days at the art centre and in the evening often goes to play with his Dingo friend out bush. He loves to roll in dung and animal carcasses and enjoys winding up the various dogs around the streets!

But he always stays connected to his human, Gloria, who he has bonded solidly with and relies on for nurturing, security and love.

If Gloria is at the art centre, Ben is often there, if she is at home he will make himself a comfy hole in the red dirt or wait for her on top of her troopie.

When she is out of town he carries on with his business but becomes increasingly fed up in her absence. But he loves his bbq chicken treat on Gloria’s return!

You can see a short clip of Ben Troopie-surfing at the Aussie Desert Dogs video page.

Ben the Bush Dingo goes downtown

None of Ben’s siblings are alive anymore, having been killed or put down do to unsuccessful domestic homing.

It is very challenging to keep a Dingo as a domestic animal you see, and according to an established and highly regarded vet, Ben is the most successful case of domesticated Dingo he has seen to date.

Ben has a combination of freedom, security, love and wildness that suits him perfectly. He is an entity to himself and well loved in the community and beyond. He has been given a chance in life and has thrived.

Such is the fundamental reason that Aussie Desert Dogs exists … to support any animal in need.

Ben and the rest of our eclectic dog family all thank you for your wonderful support and encouragement and love hearing about any of our desert dogs that have found their forever homes.

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You can also see more about the great work of the Dog program run by the Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu centre at Yuendumu here.


Top photo: Ben the art dilettante Dingo