Empty bakery & cafe

I took the opportunity of a few quiet days around Alice Springs over the Christmas/New Year break to take a quiz at a few of the empty retail shops, warehouses and office accommodation around the town.

Alice Springs is a town very much in a slump right now. Tourist numbers are down, the NT Intervention business sugar hit has long faded and there isn’t a light at the end of the long economic tunnel. Here are some of the symptoms of that malaise – office accommodation, main-street mall shopfronts, shopping centre retail space and wholesale business spaces.

Empty stores and offices are sad places, full of shadows, flaked paint, dust motes and the stale smell of money no longer there.

Former fish and chip shop (1)
Former fish and chip shop (2)
Empty government office
Empty pub (For Sale)
Empty shop
Empty office space
Empty office
Empty Mall store (1)
Empty Mall store (2)
Empty retail store
Empty wholesale stationer (1)
Empty office space
Empty wholesale stationer (2)
Empty retail space

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