This is a guest post from Chips Mackinolty, an artist and journalist based variously in Alice Springs, Palermo and Darwin.

January 50 years ago—1969—I designed and printed my first street poster in a room behind the old Third World Bookshop in Goulburn Street, Sydney.

A crude hand cut stencil printed on yellow X-ray backing paper “borrowed” from RPA Hospital; with printing help from other students; and pasted up at night across Sydney for the new school year.

I was 14 at the time.

The poster, Is your school revolting?, was for High School Students against the War in Vietnam/Student Underground and got a run in the Sydney Morning Herald on 28 January 1969 in a cartoon and news yarn. A paper for which I would freelance a couple of decades later.

Since then?

Countless posters and street art paste-ups; illustrations, cartoons, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, catalogues and books; T-shirts, banners, murals, cassette and CD covers; business cards and letterheads—and the occasional fabric design.

Have had the privilege of working with scores of great co-artists, collaborators, comrades, causes and clients across Australia and overseas.

As well as on street walls, bits and pieces have been shown in more than 250 galleries and other venues over the past 40-odd years,; and sit in public and private collections here and internationally; and are scattered through books, magazines and newspapers.

Bloody hell! I didn’t even think I would make it to 40 years old, let alone still knocking out images half a century on from my first outing. Indeed a one trick pony, but it’s been  fun ride!




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