About Bob Gosford

Me and my Stetson 4x Beaver Open Road hat.
Me and my Stetson 4x Beaver Open Road hat.

I am moving as gracelessly as possible towards a middle age that I suspect is already upon me, and I try to have as much fun as a disgruntled, one-legged, anti-social, curmudgeon of an occasional lawyer can have in the circumstances.

After three years of living in the small township of Yuendumu I lived 300 kilometres away in suburban Alice Springs – for a year or so but found the bright lights and relaxed commonsense of big-city Darwin impossible to resist so am now back in the town that i first moved to in 1984.

I’ve lived in the Territory for most of the past three decades and after a few years in the far south of the country returned to live in the desert in 2006 for the first time after too many sweaty years in the humid north.

Here I want to write about politics, law and life in the Northern Territory – looking back over my shoulder every now and then to remind myself and you, dear reader, of what has passed before, so that we might not forget lessons already learned. I’ll also write about the things that I love and share this part of the world with – the birds, animals, the acculturated landscapes and the people of central Australia. Hopefully you will like what you read and make your own views known. If I get things wrong, need to be pulled up or get a bit full of myself please feel free to correct me as you seek fit, while at all times maintaining a forceful civility. But of course I’ll reserve to myself the right to disagree, rationally or otherwise, with anything you say.