December, 2017

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Requiem for a Monster, by John Birmingham

, Dec 25, 2017

All those ratfucks understood was strength and fear and the simple joy of driving their enemies before them. There was no schadenfreude in seeing Bjelke-Petersen humiliated before the Fitzgerald Inquiry when he was unable to explain what was meant by the doctrine of the separation of powers, because all it did was hammer home the truth that we'd been comprehensively arse-raped by a man with the ethics of a starving sewer rat, and the political instincts of a sabre-toothed baboon with a really scorching methamphetamine addiction.
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Graverobbers for God – AIATSIS, the Vatican and anthropologists on the Tiwi islands

, Dec 20, 2017

Now after the Catholic church has spent over a century stripping us of everything they could get their thieving hands on including our culture and our children, they have managed to find themselves another role to play. To add insult to injury they now present themselves to the world as the preservers and keepers of Tiwi culture.
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Fire hawk stories feature at Barrapunta bird workshop

, Oct 29, 2017

The workshop allowed for clarification of the rather confusing overlap of three bird names,  karrkkanj, ngalmirlangmirlang and wunwunbu. Karrkkanj, it turns out, is a term for the Black Kite but can also be applied to two other raptor species, the Peregrine Falcon and the Brown Falcon.
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Maypal, mayali’ ga wanja – tales from the Yolngu tidal zone

, Jul 04, 2017

Maypal is a complete part of Yolngu diet and it is free from the sea—celebrated in songs, dance and stories, integral to their world. In fact, maypal is an utterly fundamental part of the Yolngu world: Bentley James
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Essential documents from Aboriginal Australia: 2 – the 1998 Barunga Statement

, Jun 04, 2017

"Sovereignty became treaty, treaty became reconciliation and reconciliation became nothing. … We will dig a hole and bury it. It will be a protest but I also hope that it can represent a new start for Aboriginal people”: Galarrwuy Yunupingu, 2006
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Matthew van Roden, you train your child – a review by Koulla Roussos

, May 24, 2017

For van Roden, growing up within a Pentecostal Christian family, biblical verses and ideas were imprinted at a young age. “The spanking paddle, a manifestation of scriptural text, held within it the promise of keeping one’s children on the straight and narrow, a tool to guide them through the follies of youth; to temper the demonstrations of original sin. Disobedience of parents was rebellion against God and this scriptural inscribed spanking paddle would play its part in the righteous life.”
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In Deus ex Dynamita. A Kalymnian Easter in Darwin

, May 03, 2016

In Darwin, the Kalymnian dynamite ritual signifies the collective will of a small people defying the global trend towards homogenisation and celebrating their collective individuality with a bang, not a whimper.
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Frontiers of feminist advocacy in the NT: cowboys, missionaries and some modern ladies

, Apr 22, 2016

Here’s the news - women risk their health and wellbeing every day by simply managing their fertility though contraceptive, pregnancy, birth and menopause options. All are risky. It is women who experience teenage pregnancies, hormonal related illnesses and cancers, maternal sickness and death so please give us some credit.
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Nganana tatintja wiya – why nobody should be climbing Uluru*

, Apr 20, 2016

Ask a Red Centre tour guide - you can’t tell Australians anything. During school holidays we would always get a lot of school trips; of the ones I guided 100% of students climbed up Uluru along with most of their teachers. Many had decided even before they departed school grounds that it would be the crowning achievement of the trip.
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Strider’s Almanac Part 1 – How the rainy season began in 2012

, Dec 17, 2015

9 October. On this day I noticed new leaf on the Red Bead Tree (Adenanthera pavonina) and on a young Green Plum Tree (Buchanania obovata). I also noticed that the re-leafing of the Canarium Trees had become widespread and general. 10 October. There were complex cloud patterns in the sky in the morning but it became clear later in the day. There was another White Tailed Spider on the verandah at might.
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Ornithogenic Fire: Raptors as Propagators of Fire in the Australian Savanna

, Nov 08, 2015

There is compelling evidence that at least two raptor species – the Brown Falcon and the Black Kite – act as propagators of fire within the Australian savanna woodlands and perhaps in other similar biomes elsewhere
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Do these raptors spread fire in the Australian savanna?

, Oct 13, 2015

Use of fire as a tool is normally considered to be restricted to humans, and hence to have played an extremely important role not only in human societal change but also in the large-scale modification of landscapes across the world. But what if animals other than humans exhibit pyrophilic behavior?
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Muralkarra (Crow) by Frank Malkorda

, Sep 08, 2015

Crow is a creature who is intensely curious about everything to do with funerals and so, as befits their elaborate ceremonial, he is a skilled dancer and musician. He perches on hollow log coffin, called there by two names, Badurra and Maraych, just as, in fact, Djambidj owners have crow painted on the top of their ossuaries.
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The Rembarrnga law for birds – “all the birds are your relations”

, May 23, 2015

That’s what this part of Arnhem Land is like. Other places are all right but here in the middle you’ve got to talk to the country. You can’t just travel quiet, no! That’s law for the centre of Arnhem Land.
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Billboards, Baptists and the “Trail of Blood”

, May 03, 2015

So what are the connections between Baptists, blood and billboards? Bob Gosford explores the backroads and dusty doctrinal tracts of southern Baptist theology to find out.
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Vipassana – false consciousness in the midst of queer meditation?

, Mar 31, 2015

I understand the whole purpose of Vipassana is to cultivate an alertness and attentiveness towards meditation free from sensual stimuli, however I believe the separation of the sexes merely entrenches heteronormative myths and stereotypes that are prevalent in mainstream society and from which the Vipassana retreat could be expected to offer a respite.
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Getting the names right. Adventures with sand goanna nomenclature in central Australia

, Nov 05, 2014

For Kaytetye speakers, the main difference between their ethnospecies is size and frequency: arlewatyerre is smaller and common while aremaye is big and less common - five of the former and one of the latter were obtained on this day.

“I dare ya!” A Turkish-Australian non-religious Muslim on hatred, dogma and understanding

, Aug 31, 2014

I get that you're scared. I understand that people and customs that you're not familiar with are going to be uncomfortable to accept much less tolerate. I understand that your prejudiced behaviour is influenced by the mass media who has bought and sold the arses of our governments for decades now. I get it.
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The Sharks ‘offer’ – another set back for the credibility of anti-doping in Australia

, Aug 22, 2014

Martin Hardie: "Actions like this by ASADA only serve to further undermine the public’s faith in the anti-doping system. We can only hope that the Federal Government properly reviews the operations of ASADA to restore faith in the anti-doping system and to create some semblance of fairness for athletes."
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Dingoes and Dogs in Indigenous culture

, May 29, 2014

There are many dog dreaming sites located around the Australian continent and each has its own and often interconnected story of creation and movement of the dingo through the country. Stories are told covering areas over thousands of kilometres and across different language groups.