February, 2018

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“We’re all eccentrics here!” Andrew McMillan on getting shickered in Larrimah, NT

, Feb 02, 2018

But, hey, this is Larrimah. One expects things to go twirly. A decade ago, the blokes behind the "Highest bar in the Territory" were Graham Doyle and Syd Worrell. Syd had a French girlfriend, Jacquie, who liked a drink, cooked when she damned well felt like it and had such an aversion to the heat she'd shower fully clothed and return to the bar wringing wet. She and Syd were married at the pub in a ceremony the celebrant will never forget. The bride wore black and had to be assisted down the aisle. The best man, Mad Mick from Maryfield, was so shickered he couldn't find the ring.
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The Northern Territory is the most corrupt jurisdiction in Australia. Discuss.

, Feb 24, 2017

My punch-bowl moment at yesterday's first day of the NT governance summit—that the NT is the most corrupt jurisdiction in the country—drew a few audible groans and mutters of protest from the good-and-locally-great and protests that, well, Queensland, Joh and Eddie Obeid. Yeah, well, they would say that.
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Crocs in the Cabinet: The CLP, politics as farce and farce as politics

, Nov 27, 2016

This book is about the fall of an empire – about the power struggles and missteps and flawed characters that took the CLP from the Northern Territory’s dominant political force to near extinction, from an election win in 2012 to holding just two seats in Parliament four years later: Ben Smee and Christopher Walsh.
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Clinton to Trump: “So, who got beaten up, then?”

, Sep 27, 2016

Hillary and Donald, The Debate and some inadvertent visual cognitive dissonance courtesy of the ABC.
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Nganana tatintja wiya – why nobody should be climbing Uluru*

, Apr 20, 2016

Ask a Red Centre tour guide - you can’t tell Australians anything. During school holidays we would always get a lot of school trips; of the ones I guided 100% of students climbed up Uluru along with most of their teachers. Many had decided even before they departed school grounds that it would be the crowning achievement of the trip.
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RU486 – will the NT allow women the right to choose?

, Dec 02, 2015

Dr Suzanne Belton, chair of the Family Planning Association NT: "The NT [is] at least 25 years behind the rest of the world and is out of step with all other states and territories in Australia." Kezia Purick has long expressed concern that the unavailability of RU486 in the NT was forcing women to travel interstate to obtain access.
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The NT’s Paperless Arrest Mess

, Sep 08, 2015

“We can’t arrest ourselves out of this mess”: former NT Police Association President Vince Kelly.
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NT Health Minister John Elferink on death, dollars and dialysis

, Aug 21, 2015

"Renal failure is a post-colonial disease, short and simple. The causes of renal failure are complex. But what we do know is that the highest rates of kidney disease are found in fourth world communities. This is the situation we face in central and remote Australia." Sarah Brown, Western Desert Dialysis
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Joe Hockey was right – Adam Giles’ push for NT Statehood is a joke

, Jul 25, 2015

NT Chief Minister Adam Giles may be looking for a new career in stand-up comedy with his latest "Statehood" routine. Joe Hockey was laughing like a drain and I nearly drove into one. Here is why ...
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The Minister, a shady Japanese bar and the $5200 4am hospitality tab

, May 01, 2015

NT Deputy Speaker Matt Conlan: "I can confidently and categorically refute and dismiss these allegations. At no stage in my life have I ever been held in any form of foreign gaol or ever had any encounter with foreign police."
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On “lifestyle choices” – an open letter to PM Tony Abbott from footballer Matthew Stokes

, Mar 30, 2015

Comments like those made recently by our Prime Minister only serve to empower the ugly side of our society. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Mr Abbott was deliberately being racist, but one comment from someone in such a powerful position can cause so much damage.
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Dumping on the Chief. Robyn Lambley on NT Chief Minister Adam Giles and more

, Feb 25, 2015

I have no faith in a government lead by Adam Giles. I have stated publicly I believe Adam Giles has no integrity. I stand by that statement, and that alone is enough to mean he should not hold a position of community leadership. I believe a political party should be bigger than one person and as such I have not sought to depart from the Country Liberal Party. Robyn Lambley, 24 February 2015.
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My first Crikey piece. “Tony Jones has a big night out in Darwin”

, Feb 16, 2015

"Lateline and Tony Jones are up for a Walkley Award. Nothing could be more disgraceful in Australian journalism. The fact that this program has been nominated undermines the Walkley Awards … I think it is an absolute disgrace that he is invited here for the media awards on Saturday night." Syd Stirling, Deputy Chief Minister, NT Legislative Assembly, 19 October 2006.
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The NT gets an “F for FAIL” on remote community education

, Feb 13, 2015

At one of the COAG working party negotiations that I attended one state representative remarked that there was no point giving any funds to the NT because they wouldn’t deliver the goods and that the close-the-gap target could be achieved by focusing on the Indigenous population in the eastern states alone. Let’s not make this chilling black humour a reality.
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“I’m fucking Australian!” Section 18C is alive and kicking on the mean streets of Darwin

, Feb 07, 2015

“You’re a fucking Indian mate. Have a respect for our country … speak English. It’s our country. Australia mate. White people. You’re not white." “Mate you’re from fucking India. You’re from India mate. You’re not even fucking white. You’re boat people.”
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Failed statehood. Is it time for an(other) NT intervention?

, Feb 05, 2015

As Rothwell notes, the good tax-payers of the Australian south-east fork out around $4 billion a year to keep the NT running. Divide that number by the 220,000 people in the NT and the figure is around $18,000 per head. "Thanks and it is your shout!!"
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CLP spill pours petrol, not oil, on NT’s troubled political waters

, Feb 03, 2015

One rusted-on CLP member told Crikey this morning, “The brains are all on the backbench, the fuckwits are running the party”.
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Why Queensland will never Joh again …

, Feb 02, 2015

The LNP, convinced of its electoral invincibility and drunk on its own ideological Kool-Aid, had turned itself into the political equivalent of a suicide squad.
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Lies, death threats and personality theft – the NT Education Department and the “Trained Tattoo Monkey”

, Jan 04, 2015

I won't take their shit anymore. The NT education department has thrown everything at me—legal cases, angry letters, kicked me out of my house and job, tried to bleed me dry with legal costs and I had to move to another state to do the job I love—but I'm still standing and I can laugh at them now.
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What to do with that leftover bottle of cheap champagne …

, Dec 23, 2014

Welcome to the worst day of your life. The bottle-o is closed and all you have left is some cheap champagne that Aunt Betty left behind after one of her rare visits yesterday/last week/month/year and that no-one has dared to drink because it was crap. What to do? First, get a mango, then ...