January, 2010

Valverde, the “Texan”, TDU2010 and what The Australian didn’t tell you…

, Jan 07, 2010

As the recent fall from grace of the 'world's greatest golfer' Tiger Woods has illustrated, there are very real risks associated with the deification of sportsmen. When they are inevitably proved human both they and their sport suffer. There are some in the Australian media that would rather gouge their eyes out with their pen than write a negative word about the demi-god that is Lance Armstrong.
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Report from Gafsa, Tunisia – 25 December 2009

, Jan 02, 2010

"Unveiling Tunisia" on the hijab: 'I have noticed quite the opposite and in fact notice that many women wear hijab, especially the younger women, and at the same time mostly wear western dress, that is very tight jeans and sometimes figure hugging, revealing clothes, so perhaps the hijab is part of a modern and trendy fashion statement. When a Tunisian woman wears a veil, it is always with style.'
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Barbeque of the week – Armadillo Veracruz style

, Oct 25, 2009

Armadillos make common roadkill due to their habit of jumping to about fender height when startled - such as by an oncoming car.
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Every Secret Thing – Interview with Marie Munkara, Part 2

, Oct 22, 2009

It is not right that these horrible things were done when the Church was supposed to be protecting children. I think it should be investigated, we shouldn’t just let it go. There was, and still is, a real fear of the church at times.
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Every Secret Thing – Interview with Marie Munkara. Part 1

, Oct 21, 2009

Every Secret Thing is one of the best books written about life in the Northern Territory since Xavier Herbert's Capricornia - that's a pretty big call but I reckon this book is just as funny, brave and deadly serious as that grumpy old curmudgeon's masterpiece.

Helen Hughes and the death of fun at school

, Oct 20, 2009

Last Friday Helen and Mark Hughes put their names to an opinion piece in The Australian entitled Authorities must not wag school. In short the arguments that the Hughes’ make are that Federal, State and Territory governments abandon their responsibilities to students – particularly remote Aboriginal students – by the stealthy foreshortening of school terms […]

The Weekend Australian, Nicolas Rothwell, and the art of fantastic journalism

, Oct 05, 2009

What Rothwell is of course talking about here is localised Aboriginal self-determination, an aspiration that he has frequently condemned to the dustbin of Australian political history: “For some time it has been clear Aboriginal self-determination has had its day.”
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Song poetry about birds from the Pilbara

, Sep 08, 2009

I’m sitting here in the “Balgo Hilton” waiting for someone to come back from where I’ve just been. We most likely passed each other on the road sometime yesterday as I struggled up the 530 kilometres of the torture that is known as the Tanami Track from Yuendumu up here to Wirrimanu – formerly known […]

The Australian’s version of NT politics – bizarre, misleading & eccentric

, Aug 25, 2009

The Australian maintains it's bizarre position that Alison Anderson was a visionary that could do no wrong and was now a victim of a dastardly conspiracy by a manipulative Gerry Wood and the forces of absolute evil behind NT Chief Minister Paul Henderson.
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Teling peple howe too spellr rite…

, Jul 09, 2009

The folks over at the oddly named spellr.us really do have a point - if the biggest and brightest universities can't get it right - who is left that we can trust? Governments? Though you would think that spellr.us would at least have a typo-free public face.