June, 2009

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A Ssssh*tload of free music from Paul Kelly’s A to Z!!

, Jun 30, 2009

Over the last few years, Paul Kelly has performed a series of unique shows under the banner ‘A to Z', whereby he sings 100 songs from his catalogue in alphabetical order over 4 nights.
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Nicolas Rothwell, The Red Highway launch and “implausible nonsense”

, Jun 04, 2009

Country Liberal Party stalwarts Dave Tollner, John Elferink, Peter Murphy were in attendance, as was of course Terry "the man who may soon be King" Mills, who waxed lyrical about Nicolas's observations of country and his ear for recording conversations.

A Letter from Darwin – Sue Stanton’s view of the NT Intervention…and more

, May 25, 2009

Colonialism has an insatiable appetite - it is forever hungry, it can never be satisfied, and it recruits both unwitting as well as willing emissaries from the vast ranks and ever-growing number of colonised Aboriginal people.
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Roadkill of the week – Kangaroos & Wallabies of the NT

, May 03, 2009

Maybe instead of blaming the animals we should be saying "I committed a murder of a kangaroo today", "I was driving too fast to let the Wedge-tailed Eagle get enough height to get off the roadway" or "I didn't slow down to let that Goanna cross the road safely".
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The Natural History of Selborne – Gilbert White and a dead Moose

, Apr 29, 2009

...sometimes it seems from White's journal entries and from the letters in Selborne that just about everyone abroad in the Hampshire countryside was armed and looking to shoot something.
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Penny Olsen & François le Vaillant’s Histoire Naturelle des Perroquets

, Apr 19, 2009

The latest edition of the National Library Magazine, from the Australian National Library in Canberra has a fascinating article by Penny on the life and works of the French naturalist and ornithologist François le Vaillant.
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Eye of the Storm Writers Festival, Alice Springs, May 1 – 4

, Apr 16, 2009

The NT Writers' Centre will run the annual Alice Springs Writers Festival, named 'Eye of the Storm' in Alice Springs from May 1 to 4 2009.
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Ten Poems about Highways and Birds…via negativa

, Apr 09, 2009

Crows commute, heads down, their line of black Fords slow but steady. A heron keeps his Bentley in low gear.