“We’re all eccentrics here!” Andrew McMillan on getting shickered in Larrimah, NT

Bob GosfordFeb 2, 2018

But, hey, this is Larrimah. One expects things to go twirly. A decade ago, the blokes behind the "Highest bar in the Territory" were Graham Doyle and Syd Worrell. Syd had a French girlfriend, Jacquie, who liked a drink, cooked when she damned well felt like it and had such an aversion to the heat she'd shower fully clothed and return to the bar wringing wet. She and Syd were married at the pub in a ceremony the celebrant will never forget. The bride wore black and had to be assisted down the aisle. The best man, Mad Mick from Maryfield, was so shickered he couldn't find the ring.

Firehawks: avian pyromaniacs may have used fire before humans

Bob GosfordJan 31, 2018

This has major ramifications for land use and conservation across Australia's northern savannahs and potentially beyond. Changed fire regimes by Europeans from those practiced for millennia by Aboriginal people wrought dramatic changes on the Australian landscape, a factor which imperilled (and continues to imperil) the existence of many native species. How do we account for birds as another potential fire vector?

Lawyers, beer and busted boats - Stewart O'Connell remembers the Katherine floods of 1998

Lawyers, beer and busted boats – Stewart O’Connell remembers the Katherine floods of 1998

Bob GosfordJan 28, 2018

A tinnie, chockas with evacuees, stalled in Giles street in the flow of the fourth street river. The force of the river smashed it into a light pole. The light fell just missing the occupants. When the dinghy flipped and everyone went under the festive mood immediately evaporated.

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“Free of the hell that the Australian government made for us on Manus … We all need freedom”

Bob GosfordJan 23, 2018 1

I am very happy to be free of the hell that the Australian government made for us on Manus. But we are sad for those who are still waiting so long. We can't stop thinking of everyone who are still on Manus. We all need freedom. 

“Donald Trump never fit in here” – Richard Stark on Trump, Mar-a-Lago and Palm Beach

Bob GosfordDec 28, 2017

'Donald Trump never fit in here' ... 'I should be pleased Mr Trump took over Mar-a-Lago,' Lesley said, 'I think we should all be pleased, because we didn't want it to turn into Miss Havisham's wedding cake out there, but to be honest with you, I think a place must be just a little déclassé if Donald Trump has even heard of it.'

Empty shops and offices of Alice Springs

Bob GosfordDec 27, 2017

Empty stores and offices are sad places, full of shadows, flaked paint, dust motes and the stale smell of money no longer there. 

Queensland Police State, by Earthworks Poster Collective, 1978

Queensland Police State, by Earthworks Poster Collective, 1978

Bob GosfordDec 27, 2017

Streetscapes, Alice Springs, December 2017

Streetscapes, Alice Springs, December 2017

Bob GosfordDec 27, 2017 1

I took a stroll around Alice Springs the other day ... well, really I took a drive, it was 40C or so outside of the air-conditioned Troopie ... here are some things I saw.

Requiem for a Monster, by John Birmingham

Requiem for a Monster, by John Birmingham

Bob GosfordDec 25, 2017 6

All those ratfucks understood was strength and fear and the simple joy of driving their enemies before them. There was no schadenfreude in seeing Bjelke-Petersen humiliated before the Fitzgerald Inquiry when he was unable to explain what was meant by the doctrine of the separation of powers, because all it did was hammer home the truth that we'd been comprehensively arse-raped by a man with the ethics of a starving sewer rat, and the political instincts of a sabre-toothed baboon with a really scorching methamphetamine addiction.

The Poinciana Woman of Darwin’s East Point. By Roland Dyrting

Bob GosfordDec 22, 2017

There was once a beautiful brown-skinned Asian woman who long ago was raped by a group of Japanese fishermen out on East Point. She became deranged after this event and when she discovered that she was pregnant she hanged herself from a branch of a Poinciana tree near where she’d been assaulted. She has since become a wraith who stalks and kills men at night. She entices them by initially appearing as a beautiful, white-robed, long-haired young woman but then transforms into a hideous wild-haired eagle-clawed hag just before she eviscerates her victims and feeds on their still-steaming guts.