December, 2017

The Poinciana Woman of Darwin’s East Point. By Roland Dyrting

, Dec 22, 2017

There was once a beautiful brown-skinned Asian woman who long ago was raped by a group of Japanese fishermen out on East Point. She became deranged after this event and when she discovered that she was pregnant she hanged herself from a branch of a Poinciana tree near where she’d been assaulted. She has since become a wraith who stalks and kills men at night. She entices them by initially appearing as a beautiful, white-robed, long-haired young woman but then transforms into a hideous wild-haired eagle-clawed hag just before she eviscerates her victims and feeds on their still-steaming guts.
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Ten questions for Omar Musa – Ubud Writers Festival diary

, Oct 14, 2010

Omar Musa: Where do we go when we are dead? I have no idea. I cannot even begin to fathom it. I understand this idea of heaven and hell because I was raised in a strict Muslim family but...I know where I want to be buried though. I want to be buried next to the Molongolo River in Queanbeyan. I have such a strong connection to where I grew up in Queanbeyan. I guess that is spiritual.