April, 2018

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Doing the Darwin Shuffle. The Northern Territory as a tax haven. Part One: 1971 to 1982

, Apr 15, 2018

Graeme Lewis was part éminence grise, part bagman and part trouble-maker—as often within as without—for the NT's Country Liberal Party for more than forty years. Lewis passed away in early April while speaking from the floor of the 2018 annual conference of his beloved CLP. For all his apparent successes and failings—I'll leave the hagiography and excoriation for others—Graeme Lewis never held publicly elected office but nonetheless deserves respect as the Northern Territory's long-term political player par excellence. Lewis was also a prominent player in the Darwin Shuffle, the avoidance scheme that operated in the NT from at least the early 1970s through to the 1980s.

The Poinciana Woman of Darwin’s East Point. By Roland Dyrting

, Dec 22, 2017

There was once a beautiful brown-skinned Asian woman who long ago was raped by a group of Japanese fishermen out on East Point. She became deranged after this event and when she discovered that she was pregnant she hanged herself from a branch of a Poinciana tree near where she’d been assaulted. She has since become a wraith who stalks and kills men at night. She entices them by initially appearing as a beautiful, white-robed, long-haired young woman but then transforms into a hideous wild-haired eagle-clawed hag just before she eviscerates her victims and feeds on their still-steaming guts.
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What future the arts in the Top End?

, Jun 22, 2017

The Darwin Festival has failed local visual artists. Spending money on a roving class of interstate creatives and acts is capital that gets drained out of the local culture making economy. There is no substantial quota for local engagement, there is no compulsion that local creatives get engaged and employed. The current festival model fails to connect with and engage the local culture makers. Even the influx of DF production crew in August are like carnies - here for the month then off again to fleece another community with their generic arts festival business model.
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The ABC, the Country Liberal Party, the Kenbi land claim and a southern journalist.

, May 26, 2016

The Kenbi land claim survived. But it would face more challenges from CLP governments until a newly-elected Labor government decided in 2001 to call a halt to legal shenanigans and accept the December 2000 recommendations of Aboriginal Land Commissioner Peter Gray.
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Strider: How the environment centres came to be

, Dec 17, 2015

In the Northern Territory in 1973 there was an organisation called The Environment Council of the Northern Territory. It was a forum for discussion among organisations with an interest in ecology and nature conservation matters. Member bodies included the Chamber of Commerce and the National Trust as well as the Darwin Conservation Society. Membership was not open to individuals. Secretariat services were provided to the Council by the Keep Australia Beautiful Council, which had a paid Executive Officer and an office in the Town Hall.
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Vale Brian Manning – The Communist Party, Bedford 29-776 and “fucking hairy blowouts”

, Nov 05, 2013

Aww, fucking blowouts. Blowouts are fucking hairy, getting pushed off the road almost into a bloody table drain by a bloody road-train. They were some hairy experiences you know. Fortunately I had a good bull-bar and good brakes and wasn’t travelling all that fast and those really, really terrible diversions whilst they were building the new road [the Buntine Highway.]