December, 2017

The Poinciana Woman of Darwin’s East Point. By Roland Dyrting

, Dec 22, 2017

There was once a beautiful brown-skinned Asian woman who long ago was raped by a group of Japanese fishermen out on East Point. She became deranged after this event and when she discovered that she was pregnant she hanged herself from a branch of a Poinciana tree near where she’d been assaulted. She has since become a wraith who stalks and kills men at night. She entices them by initially appearing as a beautiful, white-robed, long-haired young woman but then transforms into a hideous wild-haired eagle-clawed hag just before she eviscerates her victims and feeds on their still-steaming guts.
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Word of the Day: Zosterops (Silver-eye)

, Nov 17, 2017

Zosterops (ZOS-ter-ops). Girdle eye, from the Greek zoster, girdle, and ops, eye. Their common name of white-eye or speirops (Greek spiera, circle, and ops) aptly describes the birds of this genus, with their wide ring of feathers around the eyes. There are 98 species of Zosterops, one of the largest genera in the bird world.
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‘Thou shalt not kill’: Chris Hayes MP on the death penalty and extrajudicial killings

, Nov 12, 2016

Both the Indonesian and Philippines presidents invoke populist rhetoric in the use of the death penalty, especially against drug related crime. They say it acts as a deterrent—an argument long debunked by most credible authorities and certainly not supported by any credible evidence. One only has to look at the United States to see that the threat of execution does not deter gun or other serious crime.
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Drawing the (median) line. A Declaration to the Australian Government on Timor-Leste

, Feb 27, 2016

Many Australian people believe that your Government has been generous to our people, but this is a misconception. Since 1999, Australia has provided approximately US$1.7 billion in military and civilian assistance for Timor-Leste through bilateral and multilateral mechanisms. During the same sixteen years, the Australian government has received nearly $5 billion dollars in revenues from oil and gas fields which rightfully belong to Timor-Leste. The more than three billion dollars Timor-Leste has “given” to Australia makes us your largest aid donor, not the other way around.
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Saving Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan – last chance to change course

, Feb 25, 2015

What is the message that Australians, and in particular the Australian government, should be sending to the Indonesian public? It is that the rationale given by President Widodo for not making an exception in relation to Sukumaran and Chan is patently false on the known facts.
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East Timor’s media law unconstitutional – Court of Appeal

, Aug 21, 2014

Jose Belo: "The Courts today have upheld our constitution, which we fought so hard for. This is a victory for the East Timorese people. The government is trying to stop freedom of the media and freedom of expression ... It would now seem our politicians need help from the lawmakers to understand what the constitution means."
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Bird of the week: a-rabinybi – Beach Stone-Curlew

, Oct 24, 2012

Yanyuwa traditional owners established the li-Anthawirriyarra (people of the sea) Sea Ranger Unit as a means for managing their vast estate. The rangers are employed to monitor and manage heritage sites such as Macassan camps; monitor and manage turtle and dugong populations and survey, map and eradicate feral animals.
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Bird of the week: the Indonesian Air Force Sukhoi SU-30 Flankers

, Jul 26, 2012

These are the first pictures from Australian airspace of Indonesia’s front-line jet fighter, the Sukhoi SU-30, four of which landed at Darwin’s RAAF base earlier today to take part in Exercise Pitch Black 2012.
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Guest post: Sky’s the Limit in Broadcasting Australia to the World

, Dec 30, 2010

Australia Network is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, but operates independent of that official source. It is not a propaganda machine, even if from time to time it seems a little too cosy. That’s often a misreading of the situation: regionally there are issues that deserve far greater exposure than an Australian audience would care to bother with. And therein lies the rub with the tender trap.

Ten questions for Tom Keneally – Ubud Writers Festival diary day 4

, Oct 11, 2010

I didn’t want to follow Manly but my daughter insisted. Then the club committee noticed me on the hill so they invited me to sit with them one day and I behaved my backside off and ultimately became their No. 1 ticket holder, which is one of the highest states to which a humble Homo sapien can rise short of actually playing first grade rugby league.