July, 2016

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Willie “Po’ Monkey” Seaberry – a Delta life lived large

, Jul 16, 2016

Clearly built without the aid of an architect, Po' Monkey's Lounge crazy structure sat in the middle of a cotton field — a mile and a half off Highway 61.
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Leave no child ashore – a school trip into the “dark heart of the deepest woods” of Mississippi

, Jan 30, 2013

"The next challenge will be to reach the White River. A route will have to be scouted through the briars, snake-infested woods and alligator swamps. The explorers will then manually portage all of their gear and canoes from the Arkansas River to the White River, a process that might require one long dirty day."
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‘The Big Muddy: An Environmental History of the Mississippi’ … a review

, Jan 07, 2013

"The Big Muddy" follows centuries of human efforts to conceptualize this landscape of mud as a place with firm barriers between water and land, and then make these conceptions reality. A few examples: early French explorers repeatedly failed to locate the mouth of the Mississippi out of an inability to imagine a vast, multi-channeled delta. Rice, and then indigo, tobacco, and sugar encouraged settlers to drain, divide, and levee the landscape.
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Little Geysers – musings on Willow Island, Mississippi River

, Dec 20, 2012

There are certain moments on the River that shine more brightly than others. When they happen, they’re sharp like dreams. It’s like the energy of the earth surges, rises from its core, and lights up something very small. Ditches, low fogs, rocks, and other unremarkable things become geysers of this glow.
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Mud & Blood on the Mississippi in flood* – in pictures

, May 25, 2010

The river was up 40 feet at the Greenville Bridge by the time we got there - swelled by the normal snowmelt in many of the 37 States and 2 Canadian provinces that drain into it and also from the floodwaters that flowed down from the Cumberland River that had trashed Nashville, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago - all of this made for some exciting canoeing - with many of the sandbars and islands under water.
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House of the week – 111 Catalpa Street Clarksdale, Mississippi – $79K!!

, Oct 22, 2009

By the way, I'm only moving into a different house because my sweetie and I want to buy one together that is truly 'ours' if you know what I mean - Roger Stolle, Cathead Music with a new twist on why you'd sell a house
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Mississippi Delta rural churches

, Apr 14, 2009

The Delta has a rich religious heritage, and is a land where faith- in God, in the future, in grace, and in ultimate redemption - unify all people. Episcopal, Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches are commonly represented in Delta towns.