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Warren Mundine’s indigenous manifesto – ‘elegance and simplicity’ or more ‘bullshit’?

September 4, 2013 5

Earlier this year Warren Mundine told The Australian that Aboriginal people were sick of being 'bullshitted to.' This time next week Mundine may be the most powerful blackfella in the country. Is Mundine's vision one of 'elegance & simplicity' or just more bullshit?

Vale Mr. Yunupingu 1956 – 2013

June 3, 2013 2

Vale Mr. Yunupingu. Taken too soon. 1956-2013

The CLP brings bush politics back to the town.

The CLP brings bush politics back to the town.

August 27, 2012 10

Mills and the CLP got smart - and got some smart advice and advisors - and realised that government in the NT was theirs for the taking - not by the usual head-butting over seats in the northern suburbs of Darwin but by concentrating on what had long been accepted as Labor's heartland, the bush seats. And they didn't forget that they only needed one seat to get them over the line. By close of the count Saturday night the CLP had taken government.

Mandawuy Yunupingu – Australian Story, Monday 19 October

Mandawuy Yunupingu – Australian Story, Monday 19 October

October 18, 2009 5

From the dim recesses of memory I recall that Mandawuy turned up one night while we were on tour in Sydney with an old battered guitar, a swag of great songs and a keen desire to get them heard by as many people as possible.

The Australian’s version of NT politics – bizarre, misleading & eccentric

August 25, 2009 9

The Australian maintains it's bizarre position that Alison Anderson was a visionary that could do no wrong and was now a victim of a dastardly conspiracy by a manipulative Gerry Wood and the forces of absolute evil behind NT Chief Minister Paul Henderson.