January, 2011

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Bug of the week: The Jewel bugs in my front yard

, Jan 03, 2011

A few weeks ago I noticed a cluster of these bright red and green Jewel bugs on one of the branches of the Witchetty bush and over the past month or so I've seen several sets of eggs laid, the tiny bugs emerge and then grow through several moultings before spreading around the yard and beyond.
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Ayepe-arenye – Moth Larvae of the week – Alice Springs, March 2010

, Mar 01, 2010

You get Ayepe-arenye caterpillars on the tar-vine. People before used to gather them while the caterpillars were eating the plant. They would put the ayepe-arenye on the ground and squeeze the guts out into a little hole, and then cook the caterpillars in hot soil. Then they would get them out and leave them in the sun for two or three days to dry. Then they'd share them around and eat them.
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Grasshopper of the week – Jintilyka – Sand Grasshoppers

, Mar 17, 2009

In Australia we have 14 families and over 2,800 species of crickets and grasshoppers - here are some pictures and stories of grasshoppers found in central Australia.