March, 2018

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Essential documents from Aboriginal Australia: 7 – the 2008 Yuendumu Petition

, Mar 04, 2018

Supporti-ki karlipa wangkami, tala manu nyiya kanti-kanti yungungurlu ngalpa yinyi nyampurla ngurungka. Nyampurla Yurntumu-rla panu karlipa madarni nyiya-ningki-jarra ngula karliparla yulkami. Madarni karlipa jana Mt Theo program, kurdu kurdu kurlangu, Warlpiri-rli ngulpa karlipa jana tiji-mani, PAW, Mampumaninja-Kurlangu jarlu patu ku, WarlukurIangu arts centre, manu yangka ngula kalu jana mardarni wiri-wiri-rli kurdu-kurdu. Ngulalparlipa mangu pungkalayi, Yungurlu ngalpa nyanyi nguru kari wardingki-rli pirrdiji ngula karlipa mardarni.
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10 more years of “beads and mirrors” – Yuendumu’s 2008 ‘Statement from the Heart’

, Mar 04, 2018

Yapa-patu nganimpa, Yurnturnu wardingki karndu nyarra wangkami ny arnpu statemcnt purdanyajaku manu yungurnkurlu pina kanyi Federal manu N.T. Government kirra ... Nyurru ngurla juku!
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Essential documents from Aboriginal Australia: 3 – the 1993 Eva Valley Statement

, Jun 04, 2017

At a media conference, an angry Keating attacked the Eva Valley statement and Mick Dodson in particular for a critical speech Dodson had made in Geneva a few weeks earlier. He at the same time praised Sol Bellear and Noel Pearson for their 'supportive comments': Gary Foley, 2001.
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Kenbi Land Claim handback, 21 June 2016. Speech by NLC CEO Joe Morrison.

, Jun 21, 2016

Joe Morrison: "I want to take you on a short journey through the last four decades of the story of the Kenbi land claim. It’s been a tumultuous journey, so buckle up and come along for a bumpy ride through a long and tortuous history."
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Pandora’s Box – the Council for Aboriginal Affairs, 1967 – 1976

, Jun 01, 2016

The Council comprised Dr H C (‘Nugget’) Coombs as chairman, who would retire as the first Governor of the Reserve Bank to take up the appointment; Professor W E H (Bill) Stanner, a renowned anthropologist who had worked in the Daly/Wadeye region; and Barrie Dexter, an officer of the Department of External (now Foreign) Affairs.
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Joe Hockey was right – Adam Giles’ push for NT Statehood is a joke

, Jul 25, 2015

NT Chief Minister Adam Giles may be looking for a new career in stand-up comedy with his latest "Statehood" routine. Joe Hockey was laughing like a drain and I nearly drove into one. Here is why ...
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The F-35 flies! A sneak peak from the US Marines airshow (updated)

, May 17, 2014

Upwards of 75,000 people will be at the Cherry Point Marine Base in North Carolina today for what is only the second time that the F-35 Lighting Joint Strike Fighter has flown for the public. The Northern Myth got a sneak preview yesterday.

‘Cheap at twice the price’. The Prime Minister and Big Pharma

, Sep 13, 2013

Max Markson told The Northern Myth that if AMGEN was paying $80,000 a year to have Tony Abbott promote their brand that it was sponsorship that was 'cheap at twice the price'.
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Turning 35 and the quandaries of reproductive “choice”

, Mar 04, 2013

I remember sitting around when we were teenagers at high school, talking about sex as teenagers do. We had been told, for example, that whilst our male classmates were currently hitting their sexual peak, women hit theirs in their mid-30s. I'm fairly certain that a good portion of that knowledge is complete fallacy.