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Australian politics

Jan 17, 2013


Ten (Australian) questions for Cancer Jesus

If Cancer Jesus ever returns to Adelaide he can expect to be dragged from his private jet at the airport, hitched to the back of a truck with a rope, hauled into the city down Anzac Parade and his lifeless body hung for display from a light standard in Victoria Square while the crowds that once sang his praises to the sky bay for his blood. He doesn't deserve any better.

Unlike the several hundred thousand Australians that will be glued to their small screens on Friday and Saturday nights this week watching a marshmallow “interview” the biggest fraud in sporting history I’ll have something better to do.

Like eating my own liver. Or standing outside a bar in Darwin’s Mitchell Street picking fights.

I’ll do just about anything to avoid the biggest media stunt in (recent) sporting or political history.

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Feb 19, 2010


I ran into Tim Page at the airport on Horn Island in the Torres Strait a few weeks ago on my way back from my trip to the north-eastern Torres Strait islands of Boigu and Saibai islands that I wrote about here and here.

Like a lot of people I was broadly familiar with Tim’s connections with Vietnam and south-east Asia but was unfamiliar with much of what he has been up to in more recent times. As you will see here, he has been a very busy chappy indeed.

We had a bit of a yarn at the Horn Island airport, another one while we were outside the new Cairns airport having a quick smoke before Tim and his partner Marianne Harris were called away to catch their flight to Brisbane. I caught up with Tim again a few days later on Skype.

Tim Page in Afghanistan, 2009
Tim Page in Afghanistan, 2009

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