November, 2013

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The Church Without Christ – Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood and the ‘Sunday Assembly’

, Nov 10, 2013

"Much of modern religion is a side show. The better your pitch, the more freakish your display, the more likely you are to get an audience."
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Leave no child ashore – a school trip into the “dark heart of the deepest woods” of Mississippi

, Jan 30, 2013

"The next challenge will be to reach the White River. A route will have to be scouted through the briars, snake-infested woods and alligator swamps. The explorers will then manually portage all of their gear and canoes from the Arkansas River to the White River, a process that might require one long dirty day."
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Mud & Blood on the Mississippi in flood* – in pictures

, May 25, 2010

The river was up 40 feet at the Greenville Bridge by the time we got there - swelled by the normal snowmelt in many of the 37 States and 2 Canadian provinces that drain into it and also from the floodwaters that flowed down from the Cumberland River that had trashed Nashville, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago - all of this made for some exciting canoeing - with many of the sandbars and islands under water.