May, 2018

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Mark Basil Butler – A Life in Books. Book 8: My Family and Other Animus, by James Jeffrey

, May 03, 2018

For James Jeffrey, it is not about the politics, but the people, which is probably why he has managed to survive for so long in the toxic political environment at the Oz, stuffed as it is with Liberal Party operatives and conservative thinkers (forgive the oxymoron). He is genuinely (not, unlike many News Corpse writers, unintentionally) funny. Deeply funny. The kind of funny that leaves you in tears, but not always tears of laughter.
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Quintis, the NT government and picking major project losers

, Aug 16, 2017

Similarly curious is the fact that the Gunner government has seen fit to continue Quintis' major project status. As will become clear, if there were grounds for concern about the company's activities in the NT eighteen months ago, recent events warrant even closer attention.
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‘Racist’ black-cladding business policy canned by NT government, referred to NT Police for investigation

, Aug 06, 2017

CLP candidate Steve Brown described the indigenous employment and procurement polices as 'ill-considered' and 'blatantly racist.' Brown didn't elaborate on what aspects of his party's policies he considered 'racist' but it may be that he considered the policies unfairly favoured Aboriginal workers. Or discriminated against non-Aboriginal businesses or workers. Or both.
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Ten years on, Muckaty Station is back in the news, and back in court

, Jul 26, 2017

Last month—three years to the day since Justice North confirmed the settlement of the Muckaty court case between the Northern Land Council, the Commonwealth and the dissident Aboriginal community members—Ngapa clan members have launched legal action against the Northern Land Council. That action, Jason Bill & Ors v Northern Land Council, was filed in the Darwin registry of the Federal Court on 20 June 2017.
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The Northern Territory is the most corrupt jurisdiction in Australia. Discuss.

, Feb 24, 2017

My punch-bowl moment at yesterday's first day of the NT governance summit—that the NT is the most corrupt jurisdiction in the country—drew a few audible groans and mutters of protest from the good-and-locally-great and protests that, well, Queensland, Joh and Eddie Obeid. Yeah, well, they would say that.
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Keith Windschuttle and the Aboriginal sovereignty conspiracy that never was

, Nov 20, 2016

It is unsurprising that Windschuttle—as most of us do—struggles with the complexity of the Native Title Act but the least we can expect is that if he is going to throw up ideas based on the application of that Act it is not unreasonable that he exhibit at least a working comprehension of the operation of the Act and its basic concepts.
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Land-Clearing in Queensland: On the Brink

, Aug 12, 2016

Leading the LNP cheer squad has been Pearson and his mates, who control various Cairns-based organisations including the Cape York Institute and the Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation. Prominent among them are Noel's brother Gerhardt Pearson and Cape York Land Council chairman Richie Ahmat. They say the new law will prevent the development of indigenous agricultural and other development projects.
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The rise and rapid fall of Minister Nathan Barrett

, Jun 14, 2016

By early Saturday afternoon Nathan Barrett was gone from the NT Cabinet, a "horrified" Chief Minister Adam Giles telling the media that Barrett "had to go."
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The Left is revolting … and why Bill Shorten is toast

, May 31, 2016

Bill Shorten--unless Malcolm Turnbull falls under one of his beloved trains--will lose this election. Soon after losing Shorten will either fall on his sword or be pushed by the Left, who have long regarded Rudd's succession rule as farcical.
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The CLP’s greatest hits – 2012 to 2016

, May 15, 2016

“ … a rancid dead dog.” Ex-CLP leader Jodeen Carney. Northern Territory News. July 2015, channeling an Adam Giles quote from 2009.