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Tour Down Under


Tour Down Under


Ten (Australian) questions for Cancer Jesus

Ten (Australian) questions for Cancer Jesus

Bob GosfordJan 17, 201318 Comments

If Cancer Jesus ever returns to Adelaide he can expect to be dragged from his private jet at the airport, hitched to the back of a truck with a rope, hauled into the city down Anzac Parade and his lifeless body hung for display from a light standard in Victoria Square while the crowds that once sang his praises to the sky bay for his blood. He doesn't deserve any better.

Mike Turtur - will an

Mike Turtur - will an "absolute coup" turn into "quite a mess"?

Bob GosfordOct 22, 20127 Comments

Since late 2008 Turtur has arguably been the most powerful man in Australian cycling and his seat at the table of the body responsible for the world-wide administration of cycling makes him one of the most powerful in world cycling.

Tomalaris on Lance Armstrong:

Tomalaris on Lance Armstrong: "an ambassador for the human race" ... "stomping his way to success"

Bob GosfordOct 20, 20125 Comments

I came across a few gems from Tomalaris that I thought would be useful to share, including: "I guess I fit in the category of those who have always admired Lance, and I confess, I have done so unashamedly. I feel his amazing record in life and sports speaks for itself."

Four years of The Northern Myth on Australian cycling, money, doping, Armstrong and more ...

Four years of The Northern Myth on Australian cycling, money, doping, Armstrong and more ...

Bob GosfordOct 16, 20121 Comment

A look back into the dirty flood of money, drugs, power and rumour that swirl around cycling in Australia and elsewhere.

Is the Flinders LIVESTRONG Cancer Research Centre an accomplice to Lance Armstrong's fantasy?

Is the Flinders LIVESTRONG Cancer Research Centre an accomplice to Lance Armstrong's fantasy?

Bob GosfordOct 15, 20121 Comment

I do not know whether Flinders did pay Armstrong or any organisations associated with him for the use of the trademark LIVESTRONG™ or the other matters raised here ... I think it is important that these questions be asked – particularly because we know so little ... about the arrangements between Armstrong and the South Australian government and other agencies in that state.

Dear Mike, we need to talk about Lance...

Bob GosfordMay 23, 20116 Comments

Surely it is now time for Mr Rann and his minions to finally cast Lance Armstrong adrift and start answering the many outstanding questions about the relationships between his government and Armstrong?

Some (unanswered) questions for South Australian Premier Mike Rann

Some (unanswered) questions for South Australian Premier Mike Rann

Bob GosfordJan 24, 20115 Comments

Over the weekend just passed I found this reference to the LIVESTRONG trademark in the Initial Public offering (the IPO) for the US "content farmer" Demand Media that seems to raise yet more questions. “The Lance Armstrong Foundation is a party to a license agreement with us under which the Lance Armstrong Foundation grants us a perpetual, worldwide, exclusive license to use the LIVESTRONG.com brand, trademark and certain website names associated therewith, including LIVESTRONG.com.”

Armstrong to quit TdU & leave legacy as “saddest deception in sports history”?

Bob GosfordJan 19, 201118 Comments

I won’t insult my readers by trawling through the sycophantic puffery that is passed off as serious commentary on Lance Armstrong in the Australia media. You can pick up plenty of that for yourself in the tabloids and on the TV. And the broadsheet coverage isn’t much better. Most of that reporting – and the guff spouted by politicians - treats Armstrong as if he was some God come to earth on two wheels to lead us into some glorious future after the “war” on cancer has been won.

An open letter to Lance Armstrong...

An open letter to Lance Armstrong...

Bob GosfordJan 14, 201131 Comments

So I'll take a stab in the commercially-confident-and-very-secret-dark and say you'll be pitching for $AU2.5 million for your visit to South Australia this year. Again, if I'm wrong please feel free to correct me - or get someone from Ranny's office to drop me a line.

Santos and Mike Rann: redefining

Santos and Mike Rann: redefining "philanthropic giving" in Australia?

Bob GosfordJan 25, 20103 Comments

Right now it seems that the meaning of “philanthropic”, in South Australia corporate and government circles at least, is a work in progress.

https://www.crikey.com.au/2010/01/25/santos-and-mike-rann-redefining-philanthropic-giving-in-australia/ == https://www.crikey.com.au/free-trial/==https://www.crikey.com.au/subscribe/

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