May, 2016

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The Left is revolting … and why Bill Shorten is toast

, May 31, 2016

Bill Shorten--unless Malcolm Turnbull falls under one of his beloved trains--will lose this election. Soon after losing Shorten will either fall on his sword or be pushed by the Left, who have long regarded Rudd's succession rule as farcical.
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NT candidates online – big on Facebook and just a few Tweets

, Jul 19, 2010

Hell, if "friends" were votes, Warren H would be streeting his opposition right now. His personal Facebook page has 387 "friends, his recently created Green's candidate Facebook page has 190 people that "like" it, there is a Wikipedia-based "Community" Facebook page that has 33 "friends" and his MySpace site has a whopping 1,709 "friends" With friends like that who needs voters!

McClelland, Macklin & FaHCSIA get an “F” on native title & indigenous housing reforms

, Feb 07, 2010

There are some days that you’d prefer to be digging a ditch than to be a public servant. Particularly if you were one of the members of Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin’s FaHCSIA staff that turned up to the New South Wales Parliament House on the last Thursday of January to face a grilling […]