The ATSB has called a media conference to update the public on its QF 72 inquiry for this evening, coincidentally after most of the first editions of tomorrow’s newspapers will be locked up.

Earlier today someone in CASA drew the technical media’s attention to this list of airworthiness directives that apply to the Airbus A330-300 involved in the loss of control incident that injured more than 50 passengers and led the pilots to call Mayday and make an emergency landing at Learmonth.

In particular, click on the number 89 in the left hand column, which relates to compulsory actions that Qantas had to carry out by 6 August in relation to faulty screws found in a part of the Flight Control Computer called a Back Up Control module.

The directive requires changes to the operating procedure for this jet pending the design and fitting of a replacement component.

Qantas has again been asked to categorically confirm that all of the maintenance work or operational changes required by this jet had been carried out or applied in full and by the due date.

No answer to our queries of 9 October or of this afternoon has been received.

There are rumors that this jet may have exceeded its structural limitations during the emergency.

If these rumors are true the jet might never again fly in passenger service.

It is desirable that these matters be clarified one way or the other.

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