What a shame Qantas didn’t shine a bit more of the spotlight on the original article when its first A380 inaugurated commercial services by the giant Airbus at LAX this week.

That small object on the left in this photo by Joshua Bray is John Travolta’s own Boeing 707-138B, painted in the V-jet livery in which it first flew for Qantas in 1964. It would have made a stunning nose to nose comparison with the new Qantas flagship.

The history of that jet, which was also owned for a while by Frank Sinatra, is recounted on Flightstory.

Travolta’s jet is five years younger than the first Qantas 707 which is parked, never to fly again, at the Qantas Founder’s Museum at Longreach, where one day, maybe in the 2030s, this A380 will draw up alongside it to take its resting place in the airline’s history.

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