Air France KLM is bringing social networking to its flights. Via a site called (gasp)!

The concept is daring to say the least. Members of its frequent flyer program can interact Facebook-style with others booked on the same flight for example, and, well, chat each other up, organise a date, share a taxi, or exchange information about hotels, restaurants, bars, whatever. Or candidly discuss their Air France KLM experiences.

Plane Talking is trying to imagine with what would happen if there was a Qantas version of Bluenity. Would ‘flash mobbing’ of the sacred precincts of the unmarked Chairman’s Lounges take place? Might passengers exchange photos of in flight emergencies, over flowing toilets, or the odd terminal riot when the late afternoon flight to London is resheduled for the fourth time to 6 am the following morning but from Sydney instead of Melbourne? And the check in staff, both of them, run away and hide.

What will parents think about their jet setting teenagers setting up meetings with what might be Hannibal Lector prior to landing in New York? When a few insiders at Qantas were asked what they thought one suggested that given the various privacy laws and other concerns, the QF legal and risk departments would burst into flames and implode if asked to vet such an initiative.

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