Boeing has announced ‘adjustments’ to the delivery dates for the 748 freighter and 748i passenger jet, both of them the final models of their type in the long history of the 747.

The slippery wording of the announcement really means the freighter version is running one year late into the last quarter of 2010 and the passenger version which has only been ordered by Lufthansa and a few VIP customers is now 12-15 months late, for first delivery in the second quarter of 2011.

Boeing is having obvious problems with the use of straight forward English. We look forward to its explanation of the term ‘game changing’ which has been sprinkled like fairy dust over the 787 Dreamliner project ever since it emerged from the abandoned Sonic Cruiser project.

This is not the Boeing that the airlines or industry analysts have known and respected for many decades. There is an urgent need for change in its management, its accountability and its business model in terms of design and production sharing responsibilities.

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