Plane Talking is starting a blog roll that includes ‘out of control’ commentaries that can be found in sites that will lead you to the sometimes gritty candid videos of YouTube or at others to unhappy punters describing in detail how which airline failed to deliver.

Airlines and airports and aerospace companies deploy enormous resources to ‘control’ reporters. They sometimes succeed. Too many reporters see themselves as part of the communications solution of the big brands in airlines or travel, rather than asking the questions that their readers might be much more interested in having answered.

The blog zone is harder to manipulate, yet anything but rigorously fair and accurate. Some postings on aviation boards or blogs are in the same class of commentary as shock jock talk back radio, and without a 7 second delay button.

The merit of sites like The Cranky Flier, Asian Skies and Where are You Now is that they do come with videos, pictures, or details that can allow people to make a significantly informed judgment about a reported experience without necessarily accepting the poster’s interpretation or comments. They are very hard for an airline to ‘manage’. Where are You Now is also a site on which you can keep your own live travel blog for friends or family to follow, like Flickr, but with many more dimensions.

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