The NSW Government is looking for a new regional airline to replace the cancelled REX Airlink services.

The fundamental questions are being overlooked amid all the hand wringing.

Is it viable to fly tiny rural commuter services to Sydney Airport? No. Which is why Airlink is broken.

Will any small flights continue to use Sydney Airport indefinitely? No. The airport doesn’t envisage flights of less than 72 seats operating there within the medium term.

Will the NSW and Federal Govts build a new airport within the Sydney basin close to motorway links? The chances are similar to winning Lotto.

Will the NSW and Federal Govts persist with the fantasy that a suitable airport can be built outside the Sydney Basin? Probably. Goulburn or Newcastle sound perfect for convenient flights from say Coonamble. In fact Coonamble could make a really, truly good second Sydney Airport.

Will idiots continue to formulate planning and infrastructure policies in Macquarie Street? For sure.

Is the quest for replacement air services to small rural centres sanctimonious nonsense? Of course.

Everyone from the major airlines through the airport owning companies and the politicians and bureaucrats responsible for aviation policy would like small rural services to do the decent thing and go away and die, now, and without fuss.

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