Ever since sitting in the 787 Dreamliner full scale mock up in Seattle in 2005 I’ve been infatuated with, and increasingly frustrated by, the delays to the development of this aircraft.

It offered what appeared to be the finest passenger environment of any airliner. There was genius at work in every aspect of the cabins, quite the reverse of the long decline into tubular hell in other types.

But the news today just gets worse. Jon Ostrower or Flightblogger is the authority on the 787, but his blogĀ  entry today is a shocker in terms of how this program keeps finding new ways to stay grounded.

I use much harsher words than Jon in describing the 787. But I have to make a disclosure. My Mom was American and when as a dual national I first went to see her folks in Seattle in the 60s they wanted to buy the kid from Australia a set of tools so I could rock up to Renton and get a job on the 707 assembly line.

That life changing opportunity wasn’t taken, but small town USA is still something of a second home for me even after all these years. So I actually care about parts of that early personal landscape, which includes Boeing. And I am as mad as hell about the disgraceful state of the Dreamliner project.

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