Flightblogger, Jon Ostrower is offering downloads of an astonishing internal Airbus dossier on Boeing’s problems with the very late Dreamliner 787 project which is of critical importance to the route developments and efficiency gains Qantas wants it to deliver for itself and Jetstar.

Airbus appears to have gained its intelligence from inside the dysfunctional outsourced design and supply chain that supplies 787 components for final assembly in Everett. The document doesn’t resemble a marketing spiel that manufacturer would use to favourably compare itself to a competitor, rather than what it claims to be, a report for internal Airbus use on how to avoid the mistakes Boeing has made with the most important jet airliner program ever.

However the document is a very uncomfortable read from the perspective of airlines anxiously awaiting 787s that will meet the originally promised performance goals for range/payload and fuel consumption. It quotes engines missing fuel economy targets by between 2-4%, and an airframe that is around 4 % overweight, which put together would rule out the initial versions carrying useful loads on many of the longer range routes flown by Qantas.

What is also remarkable about the document is that it gives a far sharper and more accurate briefing as to the state of the program up until early this year than ever publicly released by Boeing. Ostrower’s blog has always been well ahead of Boeing in disclosing the status of the program.

But this is a scoop of the first magnitude.

The Airbus dossier it is an indictment of Boeing’s management, and let’s be candid, it ought to familiar with the symptoms after the debacle that delayed its A380 by two years.

It is clear that Boeing is going to be forced to radically restructure the Dreamliner program and its management and take firm responsibility for the necessary downstream design and quality control improvements.

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