The Qantas follies continue, but at least the operational mishaps of the last few days weren’t life threatening.

On Friday night the Airbus A330 that was to operate the red-eye to Tokyo was towed off a taxiway and sunk into mud before it even reached the gate.

On Saturday another A330 that was to fly the Melbourne-Los Angeles service via Auckland was grounded for repairs because a dog in the cargo hold chewed its way to freedom, and through some cables that had to be repaired before it could leave a day late.

Qantas is doing its bit to boost hotel occupancies anywhere near airports.

So much for the comedy capers, unless the mutual flog fest in Hong Kong between Willie Walsh, the CEO of British Airways, and Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO, discussing how they would buy and bind each other into a merger, is also considered comical.

More about that will be included in today’s Crikey email bulletin.

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