Following weekend rumors published in Flightblogger which claimed delamination of carbon fibre composites had occurred in the wing of a static test 787 a statement Boeing made to Jon Ostrower, that blog’s author, has been released to Plane Talking.

Our tests continue to confirm that the composite construction of the
787, including the wing, is sound. The 787, like every commercial
jetliner, is going through a rigorous series of tests to verify the
safety and certificability of its structure, systems and operations.
The FAA will review the results of this compliance activity prior to
certifying the airplane for commercial use.

Plane Talking first sought a response from Boeing on Sunday morning. It subsequently imitated Steve Martin the dentist in the Little Shop of Horrors in attempting to extract one. We were repeatedly asked to use Ostrower’s subsequent determination of the rumor as having no substance in lieu of a Boeing statement. Ostrower is not an official Boeing spokesperson. But he is very good at releasing information about the Dreamliner before Boeing gets around to it.

We are at last in receipt of the Boeing statement (above) and note that it doesn’t refer directly to ‘delamination’.

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