One of many T-50 images to 'escape' into the public domain on January 29
One of many T-50 images to 'escape' into the public domain on January 29

Did this PAK-FA or T-50 (above) take to the sky for the first time on January 29, or is there another element to the stealth characteristics of the Russian answer to the Joint Strike Fighter or JSF F-35 on which the future air superiority of Australia depends?

This note is being circulated by Peter Goon, the co-founder of Airpower Australia.

Now having reviewed the many images and videos of the PAK-FA that are now available in the public domain, it is now possible to state, if this image has not been modified by the removal of details on the control surfaces of the aircraft, then the attached photo image is not from the first ‘public’ flight of the PAK-FA T-50 aircraft on the 29th of January, 2010.
Also, due to differences in other details between this image and images from the first ‘public’ flight, there is a distinct possibility this is likely an in flight photo image of a PAK-FA prototype aircraft other than the one that flew the first ‘public’ flight.
This is but one small part of the analysis that goes to show that those who think Sukhoi have a long way to go and many risks to overcome to develop this aircraft to operational status are card bearing members of the “don’t know what they don’t know about things they are not equipped to understand” part of our society.
As ever, the devil is in the details.
In terms of wake-up call for national pride, let alone strategic threat, the advent of the PAK-FA T-50 should rankle at the same level as the radio signals beamed back to earth by the orbiting Sputnik satellite.
The alarms in people’s heads should sound doubly loud given the direction the Gate’s OSD and those who have occupied that office are now taking US TACAIR and overall Air Power capabilities.
What is most curious and one of the sustained harmonics of these ringing alarm bells is the number of those who have passed through the Office of the Secretary of Defense who had worked for and, now, either work in or consult for Lockheed Martin Corporation.
A similar observation can be made for other US Government departments such as Justice and State.
This all keeps getting curioser and curiouser while the alarm bells keep ringing louder and louder.

After reading this note I question whether there is more than one T-50 involved in the full Russian language version of the shorter english language edit included in our initial report, and the animated discussion that followed.


Several things can be said with confidence. The photos and videos that flooded the public domain with what has to have been official blessings include at least one that was almost certainly not taken during the ‘official’ first flight, and is most likely of a different T-50.

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