No aircraft design in history is going to have such a negative effect on western politics and security as the Lockheed Martin lead JSF or Joint Strike Fighter F-35 project.

This is the only conclusion that can be taken from the US Air Force Association presentation (below) by the recently retired commander of the USAF Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance agency, LtGen David Deptula that is still being discussed on the Crikey website following a report in the Crikey subscriber bulletin yesterday.

Deptula argues that from 2015 the JSF is a core element in the denial of air superiority to the western allies. Another critical element is US neglect of surface-to-air defences.

The enormity of this situation needs to be contemplated from an Australian perspective.

As a foundation sucker for this disgracefully mismanaged project, Australia has carried out the wishes of its US protector only to find that America will be without air superiority too.

In a country that cannot even crew a single submarine effectively, and has a defence establishment that always acts like the seller of the failed product rather than the critical customer there is reason to begin a truly urgent defence review of the world realities that are coming into frame.

These are economic as well as political realities.

One focus of Plane Talking is ‘plain talking’. The failings of the JSF, like the failings of banking systems and corporate governance, have been facilitated by the collapse of critical and impartial analysis and the rise of spin and deception as a means of managing or ‘owning’ reality by powerful interests.

A society glued together by bullsh*t is not a durable society. Nor does a defence project held together by impenetrable lays of deception and double talk make for air superiority and a secure nation.

Within a decade we could lose our resources and our territorial integrity. All because of a lack of plain talking.

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