Is this Indigo's Dreamliner? Airliner signs up, now seeking $15 billion
Is this Indigo's Dreamliner? Airliner signs up first, will seek $15 billion later

There were a few good reasons why Plane Talking didn’t get swept up in yesterday’s cutting and pasting orgy with the Airbus press release claiming the world’s largest ever order by Indigo (of India)  in the form of 180 A320s, of which 150 will be for the NEO version shown above, using one of the two new engine options available from 2016.

  • Reason 1: The claim is based on catalog prices, which nobody pays, and
  • Reason 2: Indigo has no visible means of paying for them

Today the financial media is squeezing in the odd paragraph about a possible IPO, and reporting Indigo as saying it is considering all options, but not to worry, the order is for 2016.

Not to be outdone in the news-which-has-lifted-the-share-price stakes,  this story about Boeing striking a deal with Spirit, which makes sections of the Dreamliner, includes some words from Spirit that beg for candid expansion by Boeing.

Spirit, which supplies parts for the Dreamliner, said the deal with Boeing “reflects current program financial realities and reinforces a partnership that provides the basis for long-term value creation on the program.”

What are the current  program financial realities? Define long term value creation ?

The Spirit announcement coincides with a leak believed to have been from within Boeing that it will deliver the first 787s to launch customer All Nippon this northern summer, without ETOPS approval.  Which means they would be legal inside Japan, and useless for international services, because they can’t be trusted to fly very far from from a suitable emergency airport at single engine speed.

Boeing has delayed its November program delay announcement three times since ZA002 caught fire with a ‘trivial’ issue on November 9, but may surprise by producing one before the end of January. This January.

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